Follow EHE issues without social media

Facebook alternatives for Home Ed were evaluated in a recent post.

However, some of us may not actually need a replacement social media at all.

Websites and newsletters don’t offer the same discussion, but if they are updated and maintained, they can be enough to stay informed.

This page lists four different resources, as a starting point. A useful all-round resource page, an informative political newsletter, a reassuring blog, and a collection of evidence about ways of learning.

There are many more useful websites than these few, but a long list can be overwhelming, and each of these leads to other links. Have an explore, and see how much info you can get without giving your data away to a giant private company*.

(*Assuming you are not using a browser and/or search engine which track you or allow your activity to be tracked.)

The example resources to use as a jumping off point are:

  • Educational Freedom
  • HE Byte
  • Ross Mountney’s Notebook
  • Suitable Education

Educational Freedom

This was created in 2013 to be “a site that provided everything a home educator could need to know, all in one place”.

In their own words, “As not everyone is on Facebook and not everyone wants to pay membership to another organisation to gain support, here we offer as much information and support that we can put in one place: support, legal information, discounts available, help via email (and phone), links to other useful websites, real life Home Ed stories and much more.”

HE Byte

In their own words: “The HE Byte [posts] short articles summarising recent news and events relating to EHE, trying to draw out the most important aspects and suggesting ways that readers might take appropriate action.”

The HE Byte also runs an email subscription,, and includes an call to action at the end of each piece.

They also have a list of many other useful resources, websites, charities etc on the practicalities of elective home education.

Ross Mountney’s Notebook

In her own words: “WELCOME TO MY NOTEBOOK it’s nice that you came! The notes in it are mostly about parenting, home education, children and family, and thoughts for living. And for light relief it’s seasoned with the odd wander outdoors!”

This site also has extensive lists of other webpages and resources.

Suitable Education

In their own words: “This website is about how children learn and what education needs to be like to best help them fulfil their potential. […] to help parents and home ed campaigners access the wealth of evidence which supports approaches such as self directed learning, in particular to find the information which is helpful in evidencing this to sceptical others.”


I’ve selected these four rather than providing an overwhelming list, but have a browse and you my find your favourites somewhere else.

It’s definitely possible to keep up to date without Facebook. You’re not missing out! Quite the opposite.

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